About System


The elements for the plastic packaging system produced by PolmarPack are widely used; from standard folding large containers (FLCs), to individual solutions (different heights, materials and thicknesses), consisting of multi-layer plastic panels, equipped with handles, closers, secured with a profile, stackable.


Our products are a complete solution for companies looking for a proven solution for an ecological packaging system. Large elements are marked with the type of material they are made of to facilitate their subsequent recycling. All system components are fully recyclable.

Application. For the automotive, logistics and industrial sectors

The elements that we produce for polypropylene packaging and transport containers are used, among others, in the automotive, logistics, household appliances and many other industries; wherever the cost of packaging in long-term settlement is important. Our solutions have high logistic efficiency due to the possibility of stacking and folding packages.

ESD protection

Electrical components can be irreparably damaged by electrical discharges. Therefore, the elements we manufacture (U-profiles, H-profiles, packaging closures, stacking corners, packaging handles) are equipped with ESD protection.

Short lead times

PolmarPack, as a manufacturer, guarantees quick order fulfillment. Our products are distinguished by resistance to moisture, aesthetic design, and high durability and mechanical strength. We use a wide variety of materials, from PVC, PP to TPE.