Profiles H

Profile H5/H10

Profile H produced by PolmarPack – is used to build a packaging system. Used in the production of packaging made of polypropylene corrugated sheets, cellular boards also corrugated board.



  • Strengthens the construction of packaging, container and box,
  • Easy stacking of goods,
  • Long product life,
  • Cut to any size,
  • Easy to attach,
  • All system components can be recycled,
  • Available in PP, PVC, ESD,
  • For use in packages with a wall thickness of 5mm, 10mm, 12mm,
  • Delivery also as a ready frame for any package size.

Industries where the H system is used:
Manufacturing companies – specialized containers, transport containers, reusable inter-operative packaging use for transportation or storage various elements: semi-finished products, components, post-production waste.
Automotive – packaging with special textile inserts, separators, dividers, made of sheets compliant with ESD (anti-electrostatic) standards, ensuring safe product storage and transport.
Metal industry – packaging preventing corrosion of metal parts.
Pharmaceutical industry – packaging for ampoules and bottles.
Agricultural and food industry – packaging on food products, fruits.


Material PP
0,170 kg/lm
Material PVC
0,246 kg/lm